Rhodes Treasure Hunt

Treasure_Chest_Left“Centuries of history and mystery have been buried under the ruins of this historical island. Secret societies, pirates, large armies and Treasure_Chest_Rightnumerous invaders have wondered the lands of this beautiful Island. But in every looting there are losses! Losses which are waiting to be discovered…

This treasure hunt will take place in and out of the walls of the Old City of Rhodes. The rewards will be so much more than the actual loot, as this experience is a treasure itself. Enjoy!!!”

This is a new Treasure Hunt that we arrange in the Old Town of Rhodes. It’s goal is to bond the group together and offer them a lot of fun. The group is separated into two teams with two separate maps at two separate locations. Both teams have the same goal(the Treasure). Directions are given in riddles and by following them participants see the most beautiful and important parts of the Old Town.

What is required? Knowledge of the English language, a big smile, some trivia, the courage to be able to ask for help, and a camera, as you will see things and places you will never want to forget.

• Make sure you are wearing comfortable, safe shoes.

• This treasure hunt does not include any digging, climbing, jumping or illegal trespassing of any kind, so please don’t get carried away.

• Don’t hesitate to ask for help, if one person doesn’t know then ask the next.

• Take lots of pictures, this treasure hunt is much more then bonding with your crew and aiming for the win. Share things  you’ve seen with the opposite team.

• Everyone gets a fair share of the treasure.

Treasure Hunt in the Old Town (Half-Day Excursion 4½ hours)

Transfers Hotel-Old Town-Hotel
Refreshments at location of the Treasure Hunt