Poseidon Program for Groups

1st Day – Arrival in Rhodes
Flight to Rhodes. Private Transfer to the hotel.

882nd Day – City tour in Rhodes-Town, half day (09.00 – 13.00 hours)
Enjoy a relaxing panoramic coach tour through the modern town and the fantastic view from its highest point, the Monte Smith hill, where you will admire the remains of the Acropolis of ancient Rhodes, the Apollo Temple and the Stadium.
Afterwards the tour follows the fortification walls of the Old Town and you’ll have the opportunity for unforgettable views over the harbour, the fortifications and the mixture of churches and mosques. You’ll discover the medieval town, which has been declared World Heritage of UNESCO, by foot and suddenly feel transported back to medieval times. Enjoy a guided tour in the Grand Masters’ Palace and have a look at the famous Knights’ Street and the Inns of the Knights, which are dated from the 12th century. These impressive examples of medieval architecture will give you the feeling that you might run into a knight on his horse… You will definitely fall in love with Rhodes!

443rd Day – Boat trip to the island Symi and to Panormitis (08.00 – 18.00 hours)
The small island Symi is situated on the north of Rhodes and is an incredibly picturesque island.
After a two-hour trip along the Turkish coast, you will make your first acquaintance with Symi in the beautiful harbour Ialos. A small walk through the narrow streets of the village will let you discover the small houses, all painted in different colours. Symi has also been for many years a well-known sponge island. You’ll have the opportunity to buy a natural sponge for your bath.

The boat will then bring you on another one-hour trip to the other side of the island, where the monastery Panormitis stands over the bay. It is dedicated to the Archangel Michael and is an important pilgrimage place for Greeks. Symi will charm you and will never leave your memory!

224th Day – Kallithea – Archangelos – Lindos (09.00 – 17.00 hours)
The excursion today is unquestionably a highlight of a holiday in Rhodes. Your first stop will be at the picturesque Kallithea thermal therapy center, which was built and used by the Italians. The tour will then lead you through orange plantations to the village of Archangelos, which remains very traditional in spite the large number of visitors. But your main target today will be Lindos, where you will discover the ruins of the Acropolis and its Athena Lindia Temple.

The view which it offers is stunning. You see the small St-Paul’s Harbour and beneath the white village with its narrow small streets. Coming down from the Acropolis, you have the opportunity to visit the church of the 13th century. The inner part has been decorated with beautiful frescos. In the afternoon, you have time for a walk through the village or a swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay of Lindos.

995th Day – Boat trip to the island Chalki (08.00 – 18.00 hours)
Chalki is situated about 35 miles from Rhodes and is fortunately not yet flooded with tourists. The few inhabitants still make a living by fishing and sponge diving. In the main village Nimborio, which is “climbing” up the hill, you will find the Agios Nicolaos Church and its interesting bell tower.

In Chalki, there is also a medieval castle, more precisely in the village Chorio, which is at a distance of about half an hour by foot from the harbour. The celebration day of this monastery (“Monastery of the Cross”) is on the 14th of September every year.
Chalki was already well-known in the Antiquity because it was already minting its own money. In 1983, Chalki was officially declared “Island of Peace and Friendship between youngsters of the whole world”.

Kos-016th Day – Kos (07.30 – 18.00 hours)
Kos is a very beautiful island, on which you can still find numerous remains of the antique period and the Middle Ages. The tour will mainly lead you today through Kos-Town. Don’t miss to look for the famous, old Plane-Tree of Hippocrates at the harbour, to visit the castle of the Saint-John Knights and to make a walk through the old town.

The island was Hippocrates’ home. The physician and “Father” of modern medical science worshipped Asclepios, the God of Medicine. Nowadays, the ancient Asclepion-Therapy-Center can still be visited on the island and will impress you.


117th Day – Filerimos – Kamiros – Valley of Butterflies, Half Day (09.00 – 13.00 hours)
Driving along the west coast, you will finally arrive at the village Ialyssos (Trianta) and then drive up the hill to Filerimos, where you will discover the ruins of the ancient Acropolis of Ialyssos and the monastery. You should follow the “Cross Way” in the shade of the high trees until the big white cross on the other end of the hill, from which the view over the plain of Trianta and the airport is absolutely superb.

Additionally you will be impressed by the Valley of Butterflies, a beautiful green valley in the middle of woods, which is crossed by rivers and wooden bridges. From July to September, the valley is filled with thousands of butterflies. But the whole year round this natural site is magic. The ancient city of Kamiros is an important archaeological site of Greece, where you will find ruins of buildings and monuments of the Hellenistic period.

8th Day – Flight back
Private Transfer to the Airport